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Vera Borges
Feb 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Sometimes we are scared to do news things, to take risks and to go out of our comfort zone. And then in one moment there is someone that challenge you to go ahead and simply help you do it. That moment changes everything.

Digital Marketing Event

I ´ve attended Share Algarve, an International Digital Marketing Conference, that took place on February 2–3 2018, at Vilamoura, Algarve (Portugal). It was a great event with national and international speakers in the areas of Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism.

Among the speakers were some Portuguese digital marketing specialists that I follow, like Ana Mendes, André Novais de Paula, Carolina Afonso, Martim Mariano, Paulo Faustino, Vera Maia and others. And at International level: Dennis Yu, Logan Young, Luciano Larrosa, Daria Vodopianova and Haroldo Sato (just to mention a few).

I spent two intense days of learning, sharing and networking. Congratulations to the organizers Rita Sampaio and Jorge Cabaço for the great event!

When an worldwide expert just take time to help you go ahead…

I was about to leave the venue on the last conference day, when I tried to speak with Dennis Yu such a reference in digital marketing, expert in Facebook Marketing and one of the key note speakers. During his speech with Logan Young he challenged the audience to do one minute video. And I thought that this is what I was about to start, very soon for my digital project “Blog De Lisboa para o Mundo”: I want to interview some entrepreneurs and inspiring Portuguese people, using video and make some facebook lives. When I was speaking with Dennis about the purpose of the blog, the content strategy and my intentions to build a community using social networks, he told me: “Ok, Vera, come with me, it´s too noise here. You will make your one minute video. Let’s do it right now.”. Really?! I couldn’t believe. But so I did it (a friend recorded the video using a smartphone).

Use videos to tell stories and to create interaction

I share here the result of that video: well, there´s no edition and I know I´ve repeated some ideas… but it was a simulation of a live video. It´s all about Authenticity and taking the first steps. Even if the first ones don´t look great, keep going until you’re proud! Challenge yourself. If you don´t try it, you will never know the great results that you can accomplish from that action. A special thanks to Dennis for helping me to go through. Sometimes all we need is just start with little steps.

And last week I made two video interviews that I will share in my blog, soon. I will tell people´s stories using video. And I also have done some facebook lives this weekend. It´s a start and I will improve it because persistence is my middle name! :)

Video is no more a trend, it’s a reality that people can´t ignore. And video content is so impactful.

And what about you? Are you doing some videos for your own projects? What are the major challenges? Share them with me.


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