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    18 Apr 2016
  2. 11 hours ago

    This interview is one of the BEST I've seen in a long time. If you're an entrepreneur, Josh's thinking will give you clarity, help you think bigger, eliminate distractions-- and whiten your teeth! I could listen to him for hours.

  3. 18 hours ago

    Who knows a solid psychiatrist in the Phoenix area who can treat a friend of mine who needs a diagnosis? They don’t have insurance but can pay out of pocket. Recommendations, please.

  4. 24 hours ago

    Some new stuff I’m trying. Have you tried it? Perhaps like the movie?

  5. Jun 22

    Only 9 years ago? Perhaps in social media dog years, it's been a lifetime-- and I'm grateful for all Michael has done for me publicly and behind the scenes as a good friend and mentor.

  6. Jun 22
  7. Jun 21

    Though the Warriors didn't win the NBA championship this year, they still drove an insane ROI on Facebook and Google ads. This is one of my favorite case studies from Facebook-- how the team grew provable...

  8. Jun 21

    The real question is-- how much did Walmart pay out in bribes over the years? Much more than the $282M, right?

  9. Jun 21

    Hello, weird but delicious Brazilian dessert! @ Rodizio Grill - Mesa - Dana Park

  10. Jun 20

    Facebook's new Strategic Response team seeks to avoid another genocide spreading via Facebook. I applaud Facebook for this-- they are more mature today than their early,...

  11. Jun 20

    Adidas loses their "3 stripes" trademark, eroding their brand value and opening the doors to legal knock-offs. Wouldn't you think the Nike swoosh is next, since it's also quite ordinary?...

  12. Jun 19

    Stop to enjoy the beautiful of ordinary things. @ Smoke Tree Ranch, Phoenix

  13. Jun 17

    HOORAY! Over 6 months in the making, we've finally released our Facebook Lead Ads Course, especially for freelancers and consultants. It's on sale right now for only $30. Go get it and let me know what you...

  14. Jun 16

    65,000 likes on this boosted post and still going. But don't do it for the likes or vanity metrics-- share your BEST knowledge and then pay to get distribution. Some people call this advertising (but we're not...

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    May 23

    Every business requires a solid brand and sadly, many solopreneurs, professionals, and small business owners do not know what to do. In this episode shares easy to implement strategies for social

    Easy to implement strategies for social media marketing.
  16. Jun 15

    It’s Never Too Late to Start a Brilliant Career

  17. Jun 12

    +++ I'm not being paid enough. - employee mindset +++ I need to create more value so I can earn more. - owner mindset +++ It's THAT person's fault, not my problem. - employee mindset +++ How can I solve problems...

  18. Jun 11

    Move fast! @ Facebook Menlo Park, Menlo Park

  19. Jun 10

    Why choose? Order both! You can have your cake and eat it, too, when you do business with people who are also your friends. — at 37 North

  20. Jun 9

    A fascinating story of one man's transformation to a right-wing radical. The author uses this extreme example to blame YouTube's attention-hungry algorithm for creating radical of all types. If I...

  21. Jun 9

    Foraging for wild blackberries, YUM! @ Pacifica, California


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