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  • Chief Executive Officer2008 to present
    Custom audiences create custom job opportunities for students.
      Facebook analytics via monthly subscription fee.
  • WriterNew York, New York
    Coverage of Facebook ads and analytics at
  • Analytics Executive2000 to 2005Sunnyvale, California
    Building reporting, analytics, and ad optimization structures for the various Yahoo! properties.
Professional Skills
About Dennis
  • I'm a problem solver-- a guy who likes numbers.

    I believe in karma-- help the little guy and it will come back to you somehow. Surround yourself with people who are better than you and they will reward your loyalty.

    The most valuable currency you have is your trust-- don't squander it. Life is an adventure-- if you're not learning, growing, and passionate, you're dying.

    Life is adventure to be experienced with friends you trust. Anything else is a waste of your precious time.

    And if you're a local business, maybe we can help you drive more calls from Google and Facebook.
Favorite Quotes
  • If you don't know who the fool is in the market, it is probably you.

    Those who say, don't know. Those who know, don't say.

    Better to shoot for the moon and hit an eagle than shoot for an eagle and hit a rock.

    65.7% of statistics are made up.